ECU Re-mapping

We can read all lights and codes from all makes and models Inc Engine management, ABS, Air Bag, Traction Control, Tyre pressure and more.

Finding out why your engine management light is on, doesn't mean to have a costly trip to the main dealer garage.

Using the latest Auto Logic and Snap-on Verus Diagnostic, we can help to find out why the light is on and fix the problem without a main dealer charges.

* Read and clear stored and pending engine fault codes

* Switch off the Engine management light

View live engine information in meter or graph format

* Read freeze-frame engine management data

* View fuel-system status

* Record and playback engine sensor data

* Print customer fault code reports

* View on-board test completion status (inspection/maintenance tests)

* View a built-in database of over 15,000 fault code definitions (generic and manufacturer-specific)

* If there is a fault within an engine or exhaust/emissions system, e.g. misfires, poor idling, stalling, 

the engine control unit (ECU) will normally record the problem in the form of a fault code.

Depending on the severity of the code, and the number of times the engine has seen the fault, it will often switch on the Engine Management light on the dashboard.

This light is designed to alert the driver to a whole range of faults, e.g. an engine sensor reading out of range, wiring fault etc, 

that may be affecting engine running, and hence affecting emissions. If the light is flashing, this indicates a more-serious fault that might be damaging the catalytic converter.

In this instance, the car should not be driven until the fault has been investigated and repaired.

If the car's Engine management light is on we can read the fault code that has caused this and also clear the codes (resetting the ECU) which will switch the Engine Management light off.